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How to prepare placenta?

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

The placenta (zi he che) is a beneficial herb during postpartum, according to Chinese Traditional Medicine. It contains many nutrients for recovery after childbirth. It is rich in iron and protein and can help prevent or stop excess bleeding, increase milk supply and prevent postpartum depression. Eating placenta is well-known and accepted in many cultures for its health benefits.

In Asia, moms frequently ask for their placenta after their baby has been delivered.

In the US, you can have it encapsulated professionally or prepare it by yourself.

Please don’t eat raw placenta or take another one’s.


🌸On your delivery day, tell your OB or midwife that you want to keep the placenta for personal reasons. 🌸Bring a cooler or container full of ice to the hospital. 🌸Request your OB or midwife to place the placenta in the cooler. 🌸When you get home, wash the placenta by running water, soak it in saltwater for 12 hours and then drain well.

🌸Cut the soaked placenta in pieces to fit in a baking pan.

🌸Heat oven to 200 °F and dehydrate the placenta for 24-36 hours. You can also use a dehydrator.

🌸Then, take the placenta to an herb store where they will grind it and put it in capsules.

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