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Massage Oil Recommendations with Amazon Links:

Baby Massage: Coconut Oil    ​Sunflower Seed Oil    Sesame Oil

Breast Massage: Coconut Oil  Olive Oil    Sesame Oil


Baby Massage Online Courses:

Baby Massage (1) :

Golden First Week of Birth -- Gain Weight Fast (00:09:35)    $12.99

Baby Massage (2): 

2-3 Week Old Newborn -- Better Sleep   (00:21:14)    $16.99

Baby Massage (3):

 4-12 Week Old Baby -- Digestion Support (00:15:34)   $19.99

Prenatal Workshop Online Courses:

Prenatal Workshop(1):

Successful Pain-free Breastfeeding (4-Hour learning materials)   $24.99



Coming Soon:

Therapeutic Pediatric Massage;

Massage Your Pregnant Partner;

Hands-Free Breastfeeding;

Self-care Prenatal Massage;

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Newborn Baby Massage for Foot
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