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Infant Massage can help with Autism and special needs children

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

We obtain a series of benefits using Infant Massage for the baby and for the person who offers it. In the case of children with developmental disorders, this is ideal for both (baby and parents). Knowing the baby's signals and nonverbal communication makes parents feel more competent and confident.

For parents is so difficult to understand their baby’s attitude when the child has a disorder such as Autism. It is normal to feel paralyzed for not knowing how to deal with the situation, and they focus their time on figuring out how to help their child in the best way possible.

There is a critical period for this bonding since parents need to resolve the grief, adapt and accept the new situation, to be able to identify with their baby and provide all the necessary care to strengthen the bond.

"Infant massage class is an opportunity to educate new parents about good parenting," said Cindy Napoli, Early Intervention Program Supervisor for CHD.

Massage promotes bonding

As we know, infant massages are part of a preventive program that provides a touch of love from the beginning. Baby massage strengthens the bond with parents. Understanding the benefits of infant massage can improve the quality of parenting and promote the well-being of both parents and babies.

Children's massage contains certain critical elements of bonding such as eye contact, mutual smiles, soft sounds, loving touch, caresses, smells and mutual interaction. Studies show that this union increases parental attachment, as well as the desire to nurture and care for their baby.

These interactions increase biochemical pleasure in the child's brain, thus reinforcing the neural pathways associated with happiness and motivation, strengthening the parents' bond with the baby and the baby's relationship with his parents.

"Infant massage is about the attention you provide in that moment" Cindy Napoli, Early Intervention Program Supervisor for CHD.

Communication skills

It is difficult to communicate when kids do not talk or understand. However, babies can listen to parents. They do remember the loving feeling. So, this is the key to the problem; using non-verbal communication. A sense of touch is the most effective in these cases.

The children are more aware of the movements of your body, and you can use this to your advantage.

Reduce the stress level for parents and kids

Infant massage and better communication help both parents and children to rest and relax. Along with that, it increases confidence in the parent's manipulation skills towards the baby, making them feel in greater harmony and have a better coexistence. So, this helps to reduce muscle tension, decrease brain frequency, as well as blood pressure for kids and parents.

On the other hand, it is promoted the social, emotional and cognitive development in the child, which is excellent progress with his condition.

The daily practice of these activities will give you excellent mental and physical results.


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