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Newborn Baby
We are delighted to welcome you to
Body Enmotion Massage - Mom & Baby Massage Clinic
located at:
100 State St Ste A, Kirkland, WA 98033
side Sprout and Smile Pediatric and Family Dentistry)

As an out-of-network provider, we do not bill insurance, but we can provide a receipt for your insurance claim. We accept the payment via cash, check or Zelle.

Doula Support during Pregnancy

Prenatal Massage 

$120 / 60 Min

Heng can bring balance to your whole body.  Prenatal massage therapy can be very helpful for maintaining a healthy level of physical activity during pregnancy.  This treatment focuses on relieving lower back and hip pain, stress on the feet and ankles, and other areas which will help reduce overall pain and swelling. Please get a prescription from your OBGYN or Midwife before your first prenatal massage appointment. Book Now

Pregnant Woman on Couch

Prenatal Breastfeeding Training

$ 180/ 90 Min

Heng provides customized lactation consultation, prenatal lactation massage, and training for you and your partner. You can learn detailed hands-on latching techniques, pain management, backup plan when baby is learning how to latch,  and Hand Expression of colostrum techniques. The prenatal breastfeeding training has proven to increase production and protect your long-term milk supply. It helps to increase parents’ confidence and success in infant feeding and bonding abilities. It may also serve as a protective factor against postpartum mood issues.  The ideal time for this training is after 36-37 weeks of gestation. Book Now


Prenatal Hand Expression of Colostrum

$ 80/ 30 Min

Colostrum is a thick, yellowish-white fluid that provides extra nutrients to a newborn, which can help a newborn to build the baby’s immune system and gut flora to protect against allergy and disease. Most women can start to collect this early breast milk at about 36-37 weeks gestation. This technique involves stimulating breast/chest tissues and expressing colostrum by hand in the final weeks of pregnancy. 

Some babies may need extra milk in the early days and colostrum is the preferred supplement for your baby.  These include babies with:

• Birth parent with diabetes or other complex medical conditions

• Babies with complex health conditions (e.g. cardiac complications, cleft lip, etc.)

• Prematurity or low birth weight

• Multiples (twins, triplets)

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 Infant Craniosacral Therapy

- Pre-Tongue Tie Release 

 $100/ 30 Min

We recommend starting pre-frenectomy CST and tongue stretch exercises as soon as you are considering the procedure as we believe this will help your baby get familiar with having your fingers in their mouth several times a day. These exercises are important to ensure the success of the tongue tie release. Heng will demonstrate and teach parents to best support and encourage your baby through the process. Book Now

Mother and Newborn

Bodywork for Latch Training 

$ 200/ 60 Min

 Breastfeeding is a teamwork. When there are breastfeeding difficulties, we will treat both the mother and the baby. Bodywork for a breastfeeding mother can open up energy channels, aiding milk production and flow. It also helps minimize discomfort, pain, and soreness in the breasts. Some babies may have muscle and soft tissue tensions or restrictions in the body. By applying gentle hands-on treatment can result a positive effect on the latch and breastfeeding difficulties. The baby's latch is the foundation of breastfeeding. It takes time for a newborn to learn and practice in a proper way. We strongly disagree with the use of nipple shields for a newborn's latch-learning process. This is not simply a lactation consultant service, Heng's hands-on care and support for the mother and the baby, are helpful for your successful breastfeeding journey. 

Heng's Method of Breastfeeding:

1. Ensure that your whole body is pain-free,

2. Hands-free breastfeeding positions,

3. Ensure your milk supply matches your baby's demand.

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Post-Tongue Tie Release Latch Training 

$ 200 / 60 Min

Commonly parents see an improvement in latching and in feeding immediately after the procedure and for that day and maybe the following day. If a baby had a tongue tie, then both mother and baby will have made adjustments to compensate for the issues this caused. So, after the tongue tie is released, they both need to re-learn feeding from the beginning. Book Now


Newborn Baby

Infant Craniosacral Therapy

-Post Tongue Tie Release Aftercare 

$ 100 / 30 Min

These exercises are required for approximately six weeks after treatment, and they will ensure that the released tissue doesn't reattach during the rapid healing process.

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Hands-Free Breastfeeding Positions Training 

$ 180/ 60 Min

Hands-free breastfeeding is the key to your speedy recovery, which can help to prevent chronic pain and injury. Breastsleeping is sleeping by breastfeeding and breastfeeding while sleeping. We can train a baby to maintain a good balance on the mother's chest. With a mother's arm or hand, there is no need to hold the baby's body during the entire nursing session. You and your partner can learn hands-free breastfeeding techniques with both sitting and lying down positions. Book Now

Screenshot 2022-09-20 124830.jpg

Lactation Massage

$ 200/ 60 Min

Lactation massage is a traditional Chinese medicine practice for breastfeeding for thousands of years. It is a hands-on treatment for low milk supply, oversupply, breast engorgement (3-5 days after birth), breast pain, and clogged milk ducts.  When there is more rapid, more sustained milk flow can improve the baby's latch and decrease nipple soreness and breast pain. This is a powerful therapeutic treatment for breastfeeding mothers. Usually, only one or two sessions are required in your entire breastfeeding journey.Book Now

Newborn Baby Foot

Ayurvedic Baby Massage Training

$ 180/ 60 Min

In India and China, the practice of massaging a newborn is passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. It can have positive effects on a baby's overall development. Massage can promote bonding between parents and their kids, enhance their emotional well-being, and potentially contribute to better sleep patterns.  Baby massage is recommended to be practiced once or twice per day daily, until baby is 12-18 months old.

Your baby will sleep better, cry less, and is generally more relaxed after a massage. Baby Massage Online Courses are available If you are not available to visit Heng. Book Now


Infant Craniosacral Therapy

-Digestion and Sleep Support

$ 100 / 30 Min

Craniosacral Therapy is a calming and nurturing approach to childhood healthcare. It is a very gentle way to engage with a baby’s (often overwhelmed) system following birth. 

Craniosacral therapy can offer relief from the suffering of colic, digestive issues and problems sleeping. It can reset their nervous system enabling a more relaxed state, which facilitates improved comfort throughout the body and therefore, a calmer, happier baby. The baby remains fully dressed and contact can be made at various parts of the body, including their head, neck, chest, back, abdomen, sacrum and feet. Book Now

Mother and a Child_edited_edited.jpg

Infant Craniosacral Therapy

-Body Balance

$ 100 / 30 Min

The treatment restores mobility and creates more space in places in the body where there are stuck places. This promotes optimal shape, movement and function of the head, spine and body. Book Now


Postpartum Massage 

$ 160/ 60 Min

Postpartum massage is a must and is incredibly supportive for a new mother mentally and physically. It is one of the most effective tools to ensure a strong postpartum recovery. 

In Ayurveda, it is believed that the care a new mom receives in the first 40 days will impact the next 40 years of her life. We take special care of your body

to regain energy and strength. Heng's

signature postpartum massage is full-body

massage with warm organic oil, including head,

face, breasts, and belly, uterus care, incision scar treatment (with your permission). Book Now

How to Wrap Belly Binding by yourself.jpg

Postpartum Belly Massage +  Belly Binding Wrap Training

$ 200/ 60 Min

Heng provides you a premium quality cotton belly binding wrap, designed by Heng and made in India. Postpartum Belly Massage is the act of gently massaging the entire abdomen and pelvic region with the goal of stimulating blood flow that supports healing and optimal functioning of the digestive and reproductive organs as well as muscles, ligaments and the lymphatic system. 

Belly-binding is an ancient, natural, and effective way to decrease postpartum healing time. It is the practice of compressing your abdomen and hips for the first 40 days after birth.  

Blog: Postpartum Belly Binding Wrap: To heal your body faster!

In some Hispanic and Asian cultures, Postpartum Belly Massage and Binding Wrap /  Belt is a must-have treatment for postpartum recovery.  If you are not able to follow the traditional method, please order a postpartum belt and try it on before birth. 

Amazon Link: One of the most popular Postpartum Belts 

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