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Budgeting for Baby's First Year

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

The cost of having a baby may be higher than you think. I will list all the costs and offer you some ideas to budget for your baby’s first year. 


Birth doula: $1000-$2000

Vaginal birth with health insurance: Call your insurance company for details

Vaginal birth without health insurance: $ 15,000

C-section birth with health insurance: Call your insurance company for details

C-section birth without health insurance: $20,000

Homebirth: $3000-4000 (Your health insurance may cover 10~90%)

Birth Center: $4000-$5000(Your health insurance may cover 10~90%)


Postpartum Doula: $40-60/ hour

Postpartum personal trainer: $60-$120/ hour

Physical therapy treatments (12-24 visits): $120 / visit

(Your health insurance may cover 10~90%)

Massage Therapy Treatments (40 visits): $100/visit

(Your health insurance may cover 10~90%)

Lactation Consultant: $200 / visit ((Your health insurance may cover 10~90%)

Nanny/ Babysitter: $15-30 / hour

Day Care: $1500-$3000 / month


Electric breast Pump: $200

Manual breast pump(2) : $40

Formula: $150/ month

Solid food: $100/ month

Milk storage bags: $20

Nipple Shields: $20

Nipple shells: $20

Nipple Corrector: $10

Ice/heat packs: $15

Nursing bras(2): $50

Nursing covers: $20

Nursing pillows: $40

Nursery Glider: $ 200

Supplemental Nursing System: $18

Lactation massager /brush: $30

Bottles and nipples: $60

Highchair: $120

Sterilizer: $100

Burp cloths: $10

Bibs: $15

Pacifier: $10

Diapers: $70/month

Diaper pail: $50

Diaper pail refills :$10/month


Baby towel with hood: $20

bathtub(2):$ 50

washcloths/towels: $40

Bath Mat: $30

Baby brush, comb and nail clipper: $30

Nasal aspirator: $30

Baby oil/ lotion/ cream: $10/pc

Baby soap/shampoo: $8



Infant Car Seats: $40

Convertible Car Seats:$150

Car mirror: $40


Jogging stroller:$100

Front carrier:$30-100

Sling or wrap carrier: $40


Baby Clothes: $50/month

Crib: $200

Bassinet/Co-sleeper :$150

Mattress/mattress pad:$100

Bedding and blankets: $120

Changing table: $150

Baby monitor:$50



Nightlight: $50


Decorations: $200

Swing、Bouncer、Rocker: $100

Doorway jumper:$30


White noise machine: $20


Scrapbook :$30

Newborn Photography: $800

Birth announcements: $1/pc

Medical and Health care: $100/month

Education savings: $100/month


Books/Music/DVD: $50/month


Childcare Training/ Swimming classes: $100

Playmat/gym: $50

Activity center: $100

Childproofing Kit: $20

Safety gates: $50

Thanks for reading. Would you please let me know which ones are important for you? Which are not so important? What kind of cost is unnecessary for you?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

I believe all parents are looking forward to growing together with your babies. Please get ready for the first year financially before your pregnancy.

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