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Newborn Baby
In-Home Service Area:

Free Fare Zone:

Kirkland | Redmond | Bellevue | Bothell | Mill Creek | Kenmore | Woodinville

Chargeable Fare Zone / Visit: 
$30/ Visit: Everett, Lynnwood, Snohomish, New Castle
$40/ Visit: Sammamish, Issaquah
$50/ Visit: Renton

Prenatal Massage 

$180 / 60 Min

Heng can bring balance to your whole body.  This treatment focuses on relieving lower back and hip pain, stress on the feet and ankles, and other areas which will help reduce overall pain and swelling. 

Newborn Baby

Prenatal Training for Breastfeeding

$ 180/ 60 Min

Heng provides customized lactation consultation, prenatal lactation massage, and training for you and your partner. You can learn hands-on pain management and Hand Expression for Colostrum techniques. The prenatal breastfeeding training increases the breastfeeding success rate. The ideal time for this training is after 36 weeks of gestation.


Prenatal Training for Baby Massage

$ 180/ 60 Min

Baby massage has life-saving potential, and is never too early to start massaging your baby. This fosters bonding between parents and their children, and has direct benefit to health outcomes. Baby massage has been practiced in Asia for centuries, and it is great to begin the learning process prior to giving birth.

Young Couple Expecting

Prenatal Training for the Birth Partner

$ 180/ 60 Min

Supporting a woman in labor is an incredibly exciting and important role. Recent research shows that women who have support during childbirth are more likely to have positive outcomes, including shorter labor times and decreased medical intervention. Heng teaches the birth partner to provide support and encouragement during the entire childbirth process.

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Post-delivery Massage

@ Overlake/Evergreen Hospital

$ 400/ 120 Min

Giving birth is harder than running a marathon. After giving birth, you deserve a massage. Nothing makes you feel more comfortable! Your post-delivery massage can be done in your most comfortable position on the bed.  Post-delivery massage has been shown to increase prolactin, which in turn increases milk production. 

For newborn families who have received Heng's In-person Prenatal  Breastfeeding Training, Heng will provide Newborn's latching and breastfeeding support during the visit.


Newborn's Latching & Breastfeeding Support 

$ 400 / 120 Min

This service is ONLY available for families who have received Online or In-person Prenatal Breastfeeding Training from Heng. 

The baby's latch is the foundation of breastfeeding. Your milk supply should be good if your baby is latching well. It takes time for a newborn to learn and practice in a proper way. This is not simply a lactation consultant service, Heng's hands-on care and support for the mother and the baby, are helpful for your successful breastfeeding journey.

Heng's Method of Breastfeeding: 1. Ensure that your whole body is pain-free, 2. Hands-free breastfeeding positions, 3. Ensure your milk supply matches your baby's demand.


Baby Breastfeeding

Mom & Baby Postpartum Package

(Reservation Before Birth)

$ 4000 / 10 Visits,  150 Min / Visit

This service is highly recommended for first time mothers. Heng works with you, your baby, and your whole family. Within the 2.5 hours visit, Heng can provide Postpartum Massage, Baby Massage & Bath, and Breastfeeding Support,  to help you with a speedy recovery.  

This service can only be booked prior to birth.


Training for Hands-Free Breastfeeding Positions

$ 260/ 60 Min

We can train a baby to maintain a good balance on the mother's chest. With a mother's arm or hand, there is no need to hold the baby's body during the entire nursing session. You can learn hands-free breastfeeding with both sitting and lying down positions.

Screenshot 2022-09-20 124830.jpg

Lactation Massage

$ 260/ 60 Min

Lactation massage is a traditional Chinese medicine practice for breastfeeding. It is a hands-on treatment for low milk supply, oversupply, breast engorgement, breast pain, and clogged milk ducts.


Baby Massage Training

$ 260/ 60 Min

In India, the practice of massaging a newborn is passed down from generation to generation in thousands of years. It is beneficial for both you and your baby. Baby massage is recommended to practice one or twice per day daily, until baby is 12-18 months old.

Your baby will sleep better, cry less, and is generally more relaxed after a massage. Baby Massage Online Courses are available!


Baby Massage & Bath Training

$ 320 / 90 Min

Ayurvedic baby care includes a traditional way of massage and bath. This helps in the baby’s overall growth, development, and immunity build-up. Warm baths can have a calming and soothing effect on babies, helping them to relax and prepare for sleep. Bath time can provide sensory stimulation for babies. It is a special bonding time between parents and their baby, providing an opportunity for nurturing and affection.  Regular baths can keep the baby clean, and help to maintain the baby's skin hydration, prevent dryness and irritation, and promote overall skin health.

How to Wrap Belly Binding by yourself.jpg

Postpartum Belly Massage +  Belly Binding Wrap Training

$ 260 / 60 Min

Postpartum Belly Massage is the act of gently massaging the entire abdomen and pelvic region with the goal of stimulating blood flow that supports healing and optimal functioning of the digestive and reproductive organs as well as muscles, ligaments and the lymphatic system. Massage can help smooth out thick scars and can help stop the scar from growing larger during the early phases of healing.

Belly-binding is an ancient, natural, and effective way to decrease postpartum healing time. It is the practice of compressing your abdomen and hips for the first 40 days after birth.  

Blog: Postpartum Belly Binding Wrap: To heal your body faster!

In some Asian cultures, Postpartum Belly Massage and Binding Wrap /  Belt is a must-have treatment for postpartum recovery.  If you are not able to follow the traditional method, please order a postpartum belt and try it on before birth. 

Amazon Link: One of the most popular Postpartum Belts 


Postpartum Massage for the New Mother

$ 240/ 60 Min

Postpartum massage is a must and is incredibly supportive for a new mother mentally and physically. It is one of the most effective tools to ensure a strong postpartum recovery.


The New Mother's Postpartum Massage Package ( Reservation Before Birth)

$ 1100 / 5   Visits, 60 Min / Visit

$ 2000 / 10 Visits, 60 Min / Visit

In Ayurveda, it is believed that the care a new mom receives in the first 40 days will impact the next 40 years of her life. We take special care of your body

to regain energy and strength. This package serves you during the golden healing time. Heng's

signature postpartum massage is full-body

massage with warm organic oil, including head,

face, breasts, and belly (with your permission). 

This service can only be booked prior to birth.

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