Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage

$ 150 / 60 Min

 We focus on relieving lower back and hip pain, stress on feet and ankles, and other areas which will help reduce overall pain and swelling. 

Feeling Mom's Tummy

Prenatal Massage

Ayurvedic Baby Massage Training
Baby Massage & Bath Training $300/120Min



It is beneficial for both you and your baby.

Your baby will sleep better, cry less, and is generally more relaxed after a massage.


Prenatal Massage

Postpartum Massage Packages
(10 Visits, 60 Min/ Visit)


$ 1620 

It is a full-body massage with warm organic oil, including head, face, breasts, and belly. After pregnancy and delivery, you will change both physically and emotionally. You need to take special care of your body to regain energy and strength. Please book at least 3 months in advance!


Prenatal Massage

Lactation Massage &
Latching Training

$300 / 120 Min

Is your Newborn (1-10 Days) not latching?

Does your baby latch on and off?

Are you tired of cluster feeding?

Does your baby bite or pull the nipple?

Do you have breast pain or sore nipples?

We Can Help!

Goals for this appointment:
1. Baby learns how to latch well without a nipple shield.
2. Mom learns how to breastfeed your baby in 3-5 different positions.

Lactation Massage helps mothers clear milk ducts, improve milk production and flow, relieve breast pain, and helps solve common breastfeeding problems.

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